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THEATRE HAUS - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

The respect she earns from her audience is proof enough that she is gifted comedian and captivating raconteur. Audiences should not delay in seeking her out and listening to what she has to say


THEATRE TRAVELS - Adelaide Fringe 2023

Sharpe is a billed as a comedian but is really a gifted story-teller who can garner empathy right alongside the laughter. That her writing is based on personal reality makes it all the more poignant, significant, and effective.  Unapologetically frank and close to the bone but  the genius of the writing keeps the laughs coming. Anecdote or witty, sharp one-liner, this woman can deliver.


THEATRE HAUS - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2023

With a hint of wry cynicism and a wink to the audience, Sharpe proves herself to be an adept comedian beyond her five years’ worth of experience. Her comedy deftly mashes her affection for her loved ones with her sardonic wit. Audiences, both familiar and new, are drawn into the hilarious tales Sharpe weaves, proving her potential as a true comedic heavyweight to follow.

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"The respect she earns from her audience is proof enough that she is a gifted comedian and a captivating raconteur" Theatre Haus 2022

I love being a comedian. I get to meet so many wonderful, weird and interesting people, and hopefully make them laugh. People often tell me my comedic style is like listening to a mate tell a funny story with very unexpected twists and turns. Story telling is my thing and it's usually about me and those I love the most. Although I still love doing stand-up comedy,  I am  leaning more into a 'Comedy Narrative' style which I am enjoying sharing with my audiences. 


Career Highlights So Far...

  • Acclaimed Solo Show 'ROAR' debuted @ Adelaide Fringe Festival 2023

  • ROAR sold out @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2023

  • ROAR began it's Australian Tour @ Ballina and sold out within two weeks

  • Acclaimed Solo Show "Drown 'Em Out' debuted @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022  

  • The Sharpie Show 2021

  • Raw Comedy State Finalist 2018 and 2019

  • The Big Gig with Mandy Nolan and Steven J Whitely

  • Kingy Comedy with Ellen Briggs, Lindsay Webb, Fiona McGary and Greg Sullivan

  • Country Comedy with Mandy Nolan and Kat Davidson

  • Headliner for Funny and Female Gig Kyogle and Lismore with Vanessa Larry Mitchell

  • Nimbin Womens Gala with Ting Lym and Ellen Briggs

  • Support for Ellen Briggs Comedy Commune Lennox Head with John Peacock

  • Support for Bev Killick, Mel Buttle and Ting Lym Lismore Women's Festival

  • Nimbin Full Moon Cabaret with S Sorenson and Grace Hogan

  • Vagina Conversations 2020

  • Regular guest on The Comedy Hour  Bay FM

  • MC Social Futures All In Day 2018

  • MC The Comedy Commune

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